2018 Show Lamb & Goat Sale
Noon lunch followed by a 1PM sale starting with lambs
April 22, 2018

Goat Sale Order
Lamb Sale Order

Lot 2- Tag 897 Doe
Zebco x 192 (Cash)
This one is donor material! Her dam consistantly puts a kid in the top end of our sale, she's one of our favorites!

Lot 7- Tag 825 Doe
Zebco x 060 (V8)
This girl is a quad and has two other sisters selling as well, but she super fancy and goose fronted. She will be a lot of fun in the light weight division!

Lot 13- Tag 855 Buck
Tugboat x Platinum son
This is the only buck kid on the sale. He's been a stand out since birth. His wether mate sells as Lot 15. This one will make wethers and females!

Lot 9- Tag 814 Doe
Motorboat x 5414
This is one that just keeps coming, all the right pieces and a momma when your done showing her!

Lot 102- Tag 849 Ewe
Harry Potter x Snoop Dog

Lot 101- Tag 812 Ewe
Harry Potter x Axeman

Lot 103- Tag 826 Ewe
Harry Potter x Jack Slack

Lot 104- Tag 804 Ewe
Harry Potter x Axeman

Lot 106- Tag 852 Ewe
Best Buy x Shrek

Lot 105- Tag 838 Ewe
Harry Potter x Axeman

Lot 118- Tag 858 Wether
Best Buy x Grizzly son
Speckle Face

Lot 112- Tag 881 Wether
Harry Potter x Axeman

Lot 108- Tag 818 Ewe
Harry Potter x Axeman

Lot 145- Tag 819 Buck
Harry Potter x Axeman

Lot 113- Tag 861 Wether
Best Buy x Sully