Yearling Billy Goats for Sale-
pictures coming soon!

# 778 Best Buy Ewe

# 788 Best Buy Ewe

# 789 Best Buy Ewe

#769 Best Buy Ewe

#716 Moneyball Ewe

#740 Rally Wether

#740 Rally Buck

Rally worked really well on the little herd of Dorset ewes we purchase last summer. We thought this one was a pretty good buck prospect. There are several good Dorset wethers and some top notch ewes on the sale all by Rally.

#728 Moneyball Ram

Moneyball x Chum is a really complete buck lamb. Ton of expression and rack shape. We really like our Chum daughters and their productivity.

 Southdown Wether

 #703 Rally Ewe (Dorset)

 #710 Rally Ewe (Dorset)

 #706 Rally Ewe (Dorset)

 #748 Zebco Doe

748 & 747 are Zebco twins out of a Motorboat daughter. Last year Ethan Bomberger had a lot of fun with the full sister.

 #747 Zebco Doe

#767 Motorboat Doe

#766 Motorboat Doe

767 & 766 is pair of does out of 192TX (Cash). These are pretty special in our eyes. These are full sisters to Diamond- 2014 4th Overall SDSF. They will sell in the first pick!

#792 Zebco Doe

792 is a fun little deal out of a GMC daughter. You won't find one with a cooler look.

#716 Motorboat Doe

716 is out of a 900 daughter; this freak fronted one is a beast!

#764 Motorboat Doe

#757 Motorboat Doe

757 & 758 are triplet does that won't disappoint. They are out of the most production oriented doe on the farm 060 (V8). Just good stuff with these!

#758 Motorboat Doe

#7109 Zebco Wether

We are little wound up on this one. Cool design, wide chested with a ton of expression!

#735 Zebco Wether

This one has really exploded the last couple weeks. Has a bright future ahead of him.

#744 Motorboat Wether

The Motorboat x Motorboat worked here. This one has a great handle and rack in him.

#709 Zebco Wether

This is a big time wether with a whale butt and top. Royally bred with a fun future in front of him.

#755 Motorboat Billy

#755 is paint billy that combines a lot of neat characteristics that we work hard to build into our program. He is ruggedly contructed, huge hipped and long fronted. The rack shape is this one is impressive!

# 729 Motorboat Wether

#729 is flat good folks! I'm not a fortune teller, but this one is going to get some things done. He's out of one of the most consistant does in the outfit. Make sure to find this one sale day!

#773 Motorboat Doe

#773 is out of a #188 daughter on the bottom side. She's got a lot of style and will make an excellent mama when her show career is over. Motorboat females speak for themselves.

#750 Zebco Doe

#750 is out of "Star", Carissa's show doe from 2014, who was 5th Overall at the SD State Fair. This one has fun written all over her!

#7104 Motorboat Doe

#7104 is out of #057, a V8 daughter, she's a foundation piece in our herd. This is one that reads all momma when her time in the show ring is done!

#765 Motorboat Doe

#765 is out of a GMC doe who puts one in the sale pen every year. This is her best click yet. This blond doe has a huge top.

#727 Motorboat Billy

#727 is a really expressive son of Motorboat. He is a triplet raised a triplet. Carly is his dam, one of the first goats Carissa ever showed.

#738 Zebco Doe

#738 is a freak fronted, big hipped doe. This picture doesn't due her justice; the picture pen scared her a little.

#776 Motorboat Doe

#776 is another blond headed doe that reads good topped with plenty of style. Out of a GMC daughter.